Greetings from Saigon - HCM City, VietNam !!!  

Welcome to our AHODOVN online !

AHODOVN provides a combination of special products together with strategic consulting & services to crab your aims profitably within the shortest ways and cheapest investments which may not be found anywhere else in the country.

Phone: +84 90 884 1546
Fax: +84 8 6251 2153
Skype: ahodovn

Ahodovn can provide strategic consulting for your company and give a firm hand of guidance in all activities, ensuring steady growth with profit and stability.

The in house capabilities can be summarized as follows :

1. Product marketing and sales,
2. Customer care,
3. Technical service,
4. Logistics management – for imports, stock control,
5. Strategic consulting for all aspects of the business, including establishment of Foreign Direct Invested company, Joint Ventures and Business Co-Operation Contracts

Using third party collaborators, in the form of well-established business contacts, we can also provide: construction planning and design (architects, quantity and land surveying), legal advice and application process (local and central government), accounting advice and book keeping, advertising, human resources / recruitment, design and printing of product literature, IT Solutions.